Papis Dahaba

Lekce hry na africké bubny vede lprofesionální bubeník a hráč na koru Papis Dahaba.

Lessons in African drumming leading professional drummer and player of the kora Papis Dahaba.

Papis Dahaba

Papis Dahaba experience with the african muzic starts in his childhood, because his mather dance in the traditional muzic and dance groups Kilimandiaro. Every afternoon small Papis was  going with her to looking her pratice wih the artistic group and and he starts to like the traditional art and he accustomed to the rhythm of traditional music also because his  father playing kora and djembe

Papis achieved great progress while when he started playing the djembe is with his uncle, great djembe fola  Ibrahima Touré with whom Papis trained for a long time to play djembe.

Later Papis start to playe also with djembe fola Seckou Keita and  pratice  also with djembe fola Mokoulo Savane.

The Sewourba traditional muzic Papis started to play with the Sewourba muzic  groups  with the artists Lamine Sane, Papis Kouyate and Paby Sow.  

Papis also plays the kora and his kora teacher wos the master Papis Kouyate .

Papis also plays sabar drums , the original traditional Senegalese music and the sabar he played with the masters Abdoulaye Badji, Mamadou Lamine Maiga and Papis Sora Cissokho

Papis played in many places with many musical groups in Guinée Biseau, in Senegal he played in  Bignona and many other cities and villages.

Specifically, in  Abene Papis regularly performs in music clubs Baobab Makou, Chez Vero, Freedom Sound Festival and colaborate with Sousou and Maher Cissokho in thieirs concerts in Senegal.

In the Abene workshops Papis colaborate  with the drummer Lamine Bara Diatta